Native Italian-speaking interpreter, with Spanish, English and German as my working languages. I use German at work, but only in liaison interpreting, where I can also interpret in a range of other combinations: English<>Spanish, English<>Italian, English<>German, German<>Italian, German<>Spanish, Italian<>Spanish.

I gained a Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting from Istituto Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori (ISIT) – Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori A. Spinelli, a university based in Milan (Italy), which offers a double programme with the University of Strasburg, whose courses are recognised by the DG Interpretation of the European Union and by the Directorate General for Interpretation and Conferences of the European Parliament (DG INTE) and by the European Commission (DG SCIC). I also got a Master of European Studies from the University of Seville, after graduating (Bachelor’s Degree) in Translation and Interpretation from Scuola Superiori per Mediatori Linguistici (SSML) in Pisa (a technical school for interpreters and translators).

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ programme on a fully-funded European grant to spend my last year of undergraduate studies in Cordova (Spain). Such experience was fundamental to improve the command of my language combinations; indeed, I used to translate and interpret from English into Spanish, from Spanish into English, from Spanish into German and from German into Spanish (thanks to an extra interpreting course I decided to enrol on <> voluntarily).

Cordova was also the place where I had my first real experience as a simultaneous interpreter for a charity event, during which I worked as a simultaneous interpreter from English into Spanish on occasion of the Transnational Eviction Resistance Meeting. It was a striking experience, since I was interpreting for destitute Spanish families who were fighting to get their houses back.

My career as an interpreter precisely began in 2016, when I worked as a liaison interpreter for a Venezuelan company during Marmotech International Exhibition in Carrara, Italy.

Even if I started my career only a few years ago, the intense amount of work I undertook over the last years allowed me to get consistent experience, which ultimately shaped me as a professional freelance interpreter and translator.


Tecniche top: Trattativa commerciale, incontri B2B, Chuchotage, Simultanea, Consecutiva, Videoconferenza, Interpretazione telefonica, Traduzione commerciale, (Traduzione specialistica, Traduzione giornalistica)

Fields of specialisation based on my working experiences: R&D, Mechanics, Manufacturing, Machinery, Footwear, Leather Goods and Tanning Industries, Interior Design (Bathroom Fittings), Gastronomy, Marine Engine Industry, Maritime Industry Human Rights, Agriculture, Marble Quarrying, European Funds. Fields of specialisation based on my studies: European Law and Economics, European Treaties, Macroeconomics, European Institutions, International Affairs, European Affairs, Geopolitics of Europe, Spanish Politics, Human Rights, Bilingualism and Science.