I am a professional interpreter and translator with experience in liaison interpreting and business translations.

My experience as an Export Manager taught me how to tap into my aptitude for sales, combining it with my knowledge of writing and graphic design tools and with my experience in business negotiations between international firms, in order to make me the perfect interpreter for effective B2B negotiations and translations.

Thanks to my language and translating skills, great stress management and public speaking abilities, organization and precision, I can always offer a high quality service as a conference interpreter and as a technical translator.


Thanks to my work experience and/or specific studies, I specialize in: Food and nutrition, Medicine, Energy, Technology and Marketing.

I’m also available for interpreting and translation tasks in the following fields : Agriculture, Environment, History and Art (including cinema, entertainment, design and literature), Human Rights, Economy and Finance, Engineering, Industrial machinery, Fashion, Science and Video games.


Liaison/B2B interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting
Whispered interpreting

Business translations, transcreation
Specialized translations
Website translation and localization with SEO

Further services:
Urgent translations, editing and proofreading, voiceover, translation of business presentations with graphic adjustments, creation of business brochures, glossaries for business use, conference calls, subtitles, business trips and guided tours.